Fall Guys Season 2 Begins With Some Login Issues Reported

Fall Guys Season 2 is finally out, but not for everybody just yet. Though players have been active in the second season of the game for a while now after it was scheduled to start on October 8th, not everyone has been able to login to play without issue. Mediatonic commented on the problems players have been facing by saying a fix is in the works to resolve some of the login problems while adding that it’ll share another announcement once Season 2 is officially ready for everyone.

The anticipation for the second season of Fall Guys reached its peak on Thursday when some players noticed that an update for the game had already been released and that some players could hop into the new content despite there being no official announcement from the developers. Features like the game mode selector and the new nameplate customization were live in the game even though not everyone could play.

In response to those issues, the Fall Guys Twitter account replied to someone to say that update was released early to make sure everything worked properly before it was officially announced. (Update: Season 2 has now officially been announced and is live)

As for when that official announcement will come, we’re still waiting to hear about that. The Fall Guys Twitter account confirmed not long afterwards that players would know when Season 2 is officially live for everyone as soon as it’s ready to be announced. For those who’ve been trying to get in and see what’s new but have been experiencing the login issues, a fix is supposed to be coming that’ll hopefully resolve those.


The nameplates and other features have been teased in the buildup to Season 2 to show what kinds of updates Mediatonic has been working on ahead of the season’s unofficial early release. We also learned that the rewards in Season 2 will be easier to earn than they were in Season 1 which is good news for players who struggled to max out their Fame level during the game’s first season. One of the most exciting parts of the season is the new levels it’s introduced that players will have to master alongside the known ones.