Fallout 76's 2022 Roadmap Is Coming Soon

Fallout 76 players who are looking forward to seeing what the developers have planned for the rest of the year only have a while longer to wait until they become privy to that knowledge. The developers said this week that they recognize they've been "a little light" on announcements recently and plan to fix that by sharing a lot of information soon. Previews of the next update and more make up those promises, but the roadmap for 2022 is one of the biggest pieces of the puzzle to look forward to.

The state of communication about Fallout 76 plans was shared in the latest Inside the Vault post Bethesda published. Towards the end of the post, Bethesda asked players to stay tuned for more info and said that the community will receive "in the coming weeks" a preview of the Invaders from Beyond Update, the game's next season, another community calendar full of events, and the 2022 roadmap.

"We know that we've been a little light on announcements in recent weeks, and that's because we're working hard on what's to come," Bethesda said. "We've got exciting plans in store for Fallout 76 this year, and we can hardly wait to share a look at them with the community in our 2022 Roadmap a little later this month. Stay tuned to Fallout.com over the coming weeks for an in-depth look at the Invaders from Beyond Update in our next Dev Dive Video, catch a preview of Fallout 76 Season 8, an all-new Community Calendar for Spring, and of course, this year's Roadmap."

The Invaders from Beyond update referenced previously is one that's already gone live on the game's test servers for players to preview ahead of its full release. As people might've guessed from the name of the update, it involves aliens and related objectives and entities such as an Alien Mothership and alien weaponry for players to utilize.

As for the community calendar that's to come, that'll be filled with all sorts of events that'll run throughout the next couple of months. Fallout 76 players who've been around for a season or two should already be familiar with some of the more popular events that grant bonus resources during certain weekends, though it remains to be seen if any new events along those lines will be introduced.

Fallout 76's 2022 roadmap and more will be released at some point this month, so stay tuned for more information about the game.