Fallout 76 Has Plans for More Brotherhood of Steel Content

Fallout 76 players have long been waiting on the release of the Steel Dawn content that brought the Brotherhood of Steel to the game, and thanks to last week's update that released earlier than expected, the community now has that content. Those who've been following along with the Brotherhood of Steel news will know that the Fractured Steel portion of the ongoing Fallout 76 questline was combined with Steel Dawn which means both Steel Dawn and Fractured Steel are now available, but that's not the end of the Brotherhood of Steel content. There's another final chapter coming called "Steel Reign," and it's scheduled to release some time in 2021.

Bethesda shared the latest on its Fallout 76 plans this week with an update on where we're at now with the Brotherhood of Steel content and where we still have left to explore. It said the goal was initially to have the content from the Brotherhood of Steel quests spread out throughout three different releases, but as we saw last week, two of them are already out now. The third will round out the Brotherhood of Steel quests next year.

"Additionally, following the launch of Steel Dawn, we've seen a few questions in the community asking about 'Fractured Steel' quests," Bethesda said. "Originally, we had planned the Brotherhood storyline to release in three parts, spread out over the course of a year. A few months ago, we chose to instead combine the first two parts, 'Steel Dawn' and 'Fractured Steel,' which we felt would make the Brotherhood's arrival a more impactful and fun experience. We released them together in last week's patch, but there's still more to come! The final portion of the Brotherhood questline, 'Steel Reign,' is still planned for release in 2021."

What is included in that content as well as when it'll be released is still anyone's guess right now. Players are still working their way through the Steel Dawn and Fractured Steel content, but once they near the end of the quests available now, the plans for Steel Reign will likely come more into focus.


Fallout 76's Steel Dawn and Fractured Steel updates and quests are now available across all platforms.