'Fallout 76' Patch Takes Aim at Item Dupers

Fallout 76’s update added an “absolute limit” to the amount of loot players can carry to [...]

Fallout 76's update added an "absolute limit" to the amount of loot players can carry to keep servers running smoothly while also taking a shot at players who were duplicating items.

Revealing the carry weight limit change in its patch notes for the latest update, Bethesda said the absolute limit of what a player can carry now caps out when a player is 1,500 pounds of their character's max carry weight. Bethesda provided the example that if a player's character can carry 210 pounds, their maximum limit is now 1,710 pounds. Those who reach this limit won't be able to exceed it, a change which appears to have a dual purpose in improving server stability while also preventing item dupers from amassing their ill-gotten weapons.

"These limits exist primarily to keep servers from performing poorly, which can happen when we have too many items in the game world," Bethesda said in its patch notes. "They also play role in helping to regulate the in-game economy. We do recognize the desire to be able to own more of the cool items that we have in the game, and we are looking into a variety of solutions, including increasing the stash size. We will be sure to talk more about this when they are ready."

The change will affect future dupers – though the patch also closed some exploits that led to those items being duplicated – but it'll also hinder players who have already duped their items. Any character which exceeds the new absolute carry limit won't be able to add any additional items to their inventory until they go beneath the limit, but they also won't be able to add any caps to their stash either. This means that if players want to keep making money, they'll have to cut back on the weight. Players have and likely will still find some ways around the anti-duping measures, but the new limitations will make doing so more challenging.

Two exploits were also specifically mentioned as being fixed in the update as well, one of which allowed players to duplicate items using MODUS Vendors and the second being one which let players duplicate store blueprints.

The Fallout 76 patch is out now for all platforms following the conclusion of the scheduled maintenance.