Fallout 76 Will Have Private Servers, Plus Mod Support

The Fallout 76 showcase may be over at Quake Con 2018, but we're still busy breaking down all of [...]

The Fallout 76 showcase may be over at Quake Con 2018, but we're still busy breaking down all of the incredible info we've learned about thus far. From Perk Cards, to griefing - even how to protect everything you love from Nukes! It's been a wild ride but one thing Bethesda's games are known for is its amazing mod support. That, and many have been wanting clarification on private servers. Luckily, we've got new info on both!

We already knew that Bethesda had plans for private servers but now we know they are confirmed to be a priority for those absolutely uninterested in online play. Even better, these private servers will allow for mod support to make that RPG experience even crazier, we can already see all of the Thomas the Tank additions to the Wasteland. It's the rule of modding, you can't fight it - it's science.

Game Director Todd Howard was upfront that there may be some hiccups along the way for this particular venture given that the technical challenges will be different than previous Fallout games. This title is online which usually shies away from modding for fear of in-game cheating and performance alterations made to the title's overall balance. Worries aside, the team promises to be committed to their mod support guarantee and asks fans to be patient with them as they make all of our hopes and wishes come true within this new one-time prequel formula.

Personally I'm excited for the online aspect of the game. I've been a long time fan of the Fallout series and have wanted to share in a co-op experience with close friends. The private servers will allow just that, giving me the small-time online experience I've been craving.

That being said, the word "online" does concern many - especially for those that just want to enjoy the ride. For those worried about griefing, don't be. Bethesda set up the entire game around protecting against this hostile playstyle and they even went into how they are trolling gamers that want to take to the Wasteland in this particular manner.

We've got tons of Fallout 76 coverage pouring in! To stay up to date on the latest news, check out our full community hub right here to stay in the know 24/7! As for the game itself, the next entry into the Fallout series debuts on November 14th on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.