Fallout 76 Roadmap Confirms Return of Brotherhood of Steel

Bethesda outlined the future of Fallout 76 this week in a roadmap that showed what’s happening now that the game’s big Wastelanders update is out. The plans for Fallout 76 are big ones too with Bethesda announcing a battle pass-like “Season” system as well as a total rebalancing of combat and rewards planned for Fall 2020. In one of the biggest teases of what’s to come, the last part of the roadmap confirmed that the Brotherhood of Steel – the faction that’s long been a part of the Fallout franchise but was only somewhat in the game due to its previous lack of NPCs – will be making a return.

An overview of the roadmap seen below explained some of the graphic’s contents to show what’s coming in the next few months. Bethesda mentioned some familiar events that have made appearances before was well as some other things to look forward to as the roadmap plays out.

“We will have a complete overhaul for the current Challenge and reward system in the form of Seasons. We’ll implement new features, like Ally Dress Up, C.A.M.P. Shelters, and Legendary Perks. Kick off new events, like ‘Hunt for the Treasure Hunter’ and ‘A Colossal Problem,’ but also revisit community favorites, like ‘Fasnacht Parade’ and ‘Meat Week.’ There will be plenty of new content to take on with repeatable Daily Ops and Expeditions, as well as a year-long story arc as the Brotherhood of Steel turns their attention back to Appalachia toward the end of this year.”

The Brotherhood of Steel won’t be coming back to the game in full until Winter 2020 though, so players can look forward to the first few features from the roadmap mentioned above before the Brotherhood returns. Things like perk loadouts, repeatable missions called expeditions, and limited-time events are all coming to the game in future updates.


The return of the Brotherhood of course wouldn’t be possible without the Wastelanders update that introduced NPCs back to the game. Those NPCs were largely grouped into factions that players have been siding with now that they’ve been given the option, so it seems that the Brotherhood of Steel will be yet another faction to deal with later this year.

Whatever the next few updates bring based on what’s shown in the roadmap, expect the option to try out the new content early now that Fallout 76 is bringing back its test servers again.

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