Fallout 76 Players Can Now Test the Next Update

Fallout 76’s test servers have once again opened their doors for players so that part of the community can preview the game’s next update ahead of its wide release. Update 20 is the next update planned for Fallout 76, and as of this week, it’s now available for PC players to try out. A number of new features have been added in the update to be previewed including a Legendary Perk system and the option to form up in Public Teams consisting of friends and players you just met, though everything’s of course subject to change before the full update is released.

Bethesda gave an overview of the game’s latest update and how the test servers would work in the latest Inside the Vault post that went over those details. Fallout 76’s Seasons won’t be available on the test servers, but here will still be other features to preview. Test servers are only available on the PC, so console players will have to wait until Update 20 releases to experience things for themselves.

“A little later today, we’re going to re-open our Private Test Server (PTS) to begin play testing for Update 20,” Bethesda said. “When we do, everyone who owns Fallout 76 through the Bethesda.net launcher on PC will be able to take part in trying out many of the new features coming with that patch, including Public Teams, Legendary Perks, and the Colossal Problem event. However, as we mentioned last week, 76 Seasons will not be available in the PTS.”

Legendary Perks are one of the main attractions in the Update 20 test servers that high-level players can look forward to. The first Legendary Perk slot is opened at level 50 with a total of six Legendary Perk slots available to players once they reach level 300. There are 16 different Legendary Perks available to cater to different playstyles, and each of those perks have four different ranks for players to upgrade them through by using a new resource called “Perk Coins.”


This feature as well as the Public Teams system are joined by an event called “A Colossal Problem.” There’s a Wendigo Colossus in the Monongah Mine, and players have to drop a nuke on that area if they even want to have a chance at starting up the public event.

Fallout 76’s Update 20 is now on the test servers for PC players to preview.