Next Fallout 76 Update Is Adding Backpacks

The next Fallout 76 update is giving players a new item to throw on their backs and increase a [...]

The next Fallout 76 update is giving players a new item to throw on their backs and increase a character's carry weight. Backpacks will be added in the "Ever Upwards" update that's releasing soon and will be functional and fashionable since they add extra space for storage and also come in different forms to fit whatever theme a player has going with their character. These backpacks are scheduled to arrive on May 7th and can be customized to fulfill different objectives as well.

Fallout 76's backpacks will come in many different forms, but they'll all fulfill the same basic purpose of expanding a character's carry weight limit. Some of the concept artwork shown on Bethesda's post which explained the new feature showed everything from branded Nuka Cola backpacks to makeshift ones created out of tires, storage containers, and other items thrown together. Bethesda didn't say how much a player's carry weight will be expanded by when using the item, though it seems like it'll vary based on which one you're using.

Another big feature pertaining to the backpacks is that they can be customized to provide even more utility. By modding a backpack with one of several options, players can do things like keep their food fresh longer or shrug off more damage.

"You can also apply one of several functional mods to your backpack so that it's better suited to the needs of your next big excursion," Bethesda said. "A few of the mods you that you can learn to craft include: increased carry capacity (it is a backpack, after all), armor plating for more damage resistance, and even a refrigeration unit, which will give any food within some added shelf-life. However, many of these utility mods will take up some space once installed, and will reduce some of the bonus storage your backpack provides."

All these backpacks will still be visible on top of players' outfits, so you won't have to worry about some bulky clothing obscuring the view of your new backpack. Power Armor does have priority over the backpack though, so you'll get the advantages of both but won't be able to see the backpack until the armor is off.

Fallout 76's Ever Upwards update is scheduled to land on May 7th.


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