Next Fallout 76 Update Promises Fixes for Broken Event

Fallout 76's next update now has a release date alongside some good news for the game's event aficionados who were frustrated with missing out on an event earlier in the year. We're talking, of course, about Meat Week, the event that was supposed to give people a chance at unique rewards by interacting with the Super Mutant, Grahm. It had to be postponed due to some issues that essentially broke the event, but it looks like it'll be back on track for August after this next update.

Meat Week was supposed to be back in April for a total of two weeks as opposed to the usual one-week events or ones that only last for the weekend. Once players started realizing that the event wasn't yielding rewards as expected and that its main character, Grahm, wasn't doing what he was supposed to, Bethesda responded by pulling the event and adding aliens back to the game in its place.

Fast-forward to June and we received word from Bethesda via a new community calendar that Meat Week would be back in August for two weeks. Nothing about Meat Week fixes has been said lately which left some wondering how in order the event would be when it returned, but it looks like we'll see fixes for Meat Week implemented in the next update that's arriving on July 26th.

"We wanted to let you know that we are planning to release a new update for Fallout 76 next week, on Tuesday, July 26," Bethesda's latest Inside the Vault post said. "This patch will be smaller than some of our larger updates that bring new content to the game. Primarily, we're intending to address bugs, including a number of issues that have been reported by the community, like reduced energy weapon durability, incorrect Meat Week rewards, and Grahm wandering away from the grill during his Meat Cook. This update will also bring some new items to the Atomic Shop over the coming weeks."

The most recent event calendar says that Meat Week will begin on August 16th and will run for two weeks afterwards, so expect it to arrive then and hopefully to run better than before.