Fallout 76 and the Nature of Unpredictability and Why No NPCs

The team over at Bethesda have been on fire today with answering all of the excited fan questions [...]

The team over at Bethesda have been on fire today with answering all of the excited fan questions concerning the upcoming Fallout 76 online adventure. From how the nukes work, to punishing "assholes," the publisher did not pull any punches regarding what they talked about. But outside of specific inquiries, the team also addressed the bigger picture of the philosophy behind Fallout 76 and why the team chose this particular direction at this time. The short answer? Unpredictability. Director Todd Howard explains.

One thing that the Fallout franchise is known for is there amazing NPCs that players can meet. 76 is doing things a bit differently this go around with instead of NPCs, every survivor that players meet will be another player. The reason they wanted to do this, though this is not the direction for future Fallout titles, is in the name of being unpredictable. There is still very much a story to be told but Howard explains that their story is limited, whereas a player-crafted story is limitless. Essentially, it's a playable version of fan fiction.

The ability to meet other players and not knowing if they are hostile or friendly adds an element of real-life danger. Because of this, it's easy to get "sucked in for hours" due to all of the building opportunities and quests that will be available for all. But having that element of surprise with other players keeps it real, keeps the player present in the moment. It's because of that that many will find themselves looking at the clock wondering where all the time went.

Howard was very clear when he said that this "feels like a new Fallout game." Though it is a new spin on an old favourite, they are staying very true to the organic material. Those quests and that feeling of exploration will all be there, including amazing character customization, character involvement, and more.

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