Fallout: Atlanta Brings Casino Life to the Wasteland; New Quests, NPCs, and More

The world of modding is incredible and you may have noticed that we here at ComicBook have an affinity for those impassioned fan projects that continue to enrich our favourite adventures. Bethesda's Fallout series is no stranger to these incredible additions with the latest bringing that casino life into the Wasteland with Fallout: Atlanta.

After having to take a short break for technical issues, the creator is back and ready to share his ambitious project with the world! "Welcome to Atlanta. The trading hub of the south and one of the 'must visit cites' in post-apocalyptic America 2280," boasts the mod's official description, offering fans of Fallout: New Vegas and entirely new adventure to take on.

"There's plenty to see and there plenty to do in one of Americas culturally rich cites. Explore the likes of The world of Nuka Cola and the Super Duper theme park. Take a trip to the memorial park or even take a boat ride down the Chattahoochee River. You won't struggle for a place to stay either, with rooms available at peach tree towers and The Marquis Hotel. Wondering how to get here ? With two Airports located just outside the city, Atlanta international airport and Fulton county Airport, you can fly right into the action. Live more local or fancy a road trip ? Atlanta is severed with excellent highways and has rail links. Don't miss out on your chance to experience one of Americas finest cities."

The best part? The Alpha build is ready to play right now! Fallout: Atlanta offers an entirely new world space to explore, new voiced NPCs, new quests, vendors - even a new casino! There are also new items, weapon sets, armors to don, and hidden away discoverable locations for Survivors to stumble upon. It's still in early development, so there's definitely more to come.

You can check out everything Fallout: Atlanta has to offer right now in the video at the top of the article, as well as download it for yourself right here! In order to enjoy, you must already own Fallout: New Vegas.


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