Fallout Miami Team Reveals Huge Story Update

There are so many amazing projects out there from passionate fans that we can't help but to share the wealth with other ambitious fans! One of those projects takes Bethesda's Wasteland to all new heights is that of Fallout Miami and now we've got a brand new video as well as a new August update from the team!

The team took to their website to provide an in-depth update on progress being made as well as a huge thank you to fans. They began by talking a little bit about what this project even is, saying "As you may have heard, Fallout: Miami is a new adventure for the Sole Survivor, which means it takes place in late 2287, a full decade after The Battle of Raven Rock. That’s important, but we’ll have to take a few steps back if we want to find out how they got to Miami.

A couple of years before the destruction of Raven Rock, the Enclave dispatched a team to Miami Beach. Their objective — recover a pre-war military installation with vast computational power and establish a permanent Enclave presence in the region. Although this detachment wasn’t particularly numerous, it was certainly diverse — everything from high-ranking officers to cadets and civilians."

They added, "After Raven Rock fell, this somewhat underequipped base was left isolated, unable to contact any other Enclave remnants. It’s been ten years since then, but we’ll leave that juicy lore for another time. And here’s a work in progress of a versatile armored vehicle you can expect to see at various locations. Power Armor is all fine and good, but sometimes you need to fight wheels with wheels. We’ll talk more about it in the future. Model by Mipply. (No, you won’t get to drive it. Yeah, we’re bummed out too, it’s Fallout, drivable vehicles just don’t work too well in this engine)"

But Fallout is much more than just vehicles, it's the characters we meet along the way. There will be plenty to meet with Miami, including Colonel Magnus:


"The burden of command is a heavy one, even for an experienced officer. The rock-solid image of the dependable commander is just as often a facade as it is a foundation. In the case of Colonel Magnus — it’s a little bit of both. Driven, loyal to the cause, able, and stretched thin as a rail, he does everything he can to keep his ship on course. The responsibilities are many, the quiet moments few, and he has to somehow find time not only to command this operation but to also be a father. Getting some sleep wouldn’t be bad either."

To read more about the man, the mission, and what else the team themselves are up to, you can check out the full blog post right here!