Fallout: New York Debuts Stunning Progress Screenshots

We are a sucker with a solid Fallout project and with so many to choose from, it's easy to get swept away by the excitement. From the upcoming Fallout: New California, to the recently revealed Fallout: Miami, the Wasteland is getting bigger than ever before and it's about to get even bigger.

Fallout: New York has been some time in the making, but the team behind this impassioned fan project just updated interested fans as to what progress is looking like. And you know what? It looks gorgeous. For those that are familiar with the lore behind Bethesda's hit RPG series, the Great War of 2077 left the world in shambles and we've heard of the utter destruction that New York City faced in the aftermath. Now, thanks to this mod, we can see that destruction up close and personal with the video at the top of the article, as well as these intricate new first looks:


The Fallout: New York mod does require Fallout 4 - which makes sense given that it is a total conversion mod - but doesn't have a set release date at this time. There are a few files available for players, though it is still very much in-development stage at this time. Still, you can learn more about the mod itself right here over on Nexus Mods, as well as check out how you can help out this incredible fan project!

According to a Reddit post, for those that might be unaware, here's more about the lore regarding New York according to Bethesda:


"New Ghoul City-after 200 years rebuilding, the suburbs of New York are revitalized. Then, they were attacked. Deep beneath Manhattan was a Vault designed to test willingness to accept computer overlords. When the project went south, the Computer Overseer ghoulified it's charges, and planted mind control devices in them, and has decided to do the same to everyone on Earth. 20 years of a brutal, bloody siege follow, as humanity fights a losing battle to prevent invasion from the fortified ruins of Manhattan, and it won't stop until the Computer Overseer is destroyed."