Fallout TV Show Photos Reveal Another Iconic Location

Amazon's been quiet about its upcoming Fallout TV show lately, but that doesn't mean we've been without updates on the series. Those have been coming from unofficial sources these days, however, through things like set photos that show off different props and settings being put together to capture the show's post-apocalyptic wasteland aesthetic. More of those photos surfaced online just this week to show off yet another iconic location from the games: the Red Rocket fuel stations.

These Red Rocket locations are denoted by none other than a big, red rocket sitting atop a building which otherwise looks just like any old gas station. They're typically red and white, and they've got slick signs on them saying "Red Rocket," signs which usually aren't too far away from the rocket itself. We first started seeing them out and about the wastelands in Fallout 3, and if you've played that game or any one after it, you've undoubtedly seen a Red Rocket station somewhere and have probably even called one home at one point.

Unfortunately, the informal photos from Twitter user J Carson don't show off the rocket itself, but the setup is unmistakable. The Twitter user shared a series of photos earlier in the week that showed a gas station set piece being built. Beat-up fuel pumps, older cars in disrepair, and the telltale signs should look familiar to anyone who's strolled up to a Red Rocket station in the Fallout games.

More photos shared afterward showed things like a nighttime version of the Red Rocket station where a sign was partially lit up – perhaps it's meant to be left unfinished, too, to sell the look? – but still no rocket.

The Fallout TV series was first announced back in July 2020 by Amazon Studios and Bethesda with Westworld co-creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy heading up the show since the start. We learned soon after these announcements started rolling out that both Walton Goggins and Ella Purnell would take on lead roles in the show with more casting announcements following those afterwards.

Amazon's Fallout TV show does not currently have a release date.