Amazon's Fallout TV Series Casts Walton Goggins in Lead Role

Amazon's Fallout series has found its lead with Walton Goggins cast in the TV show, new reports have said. Details about the character Goggins will portray, however, are scarce at the time. This is the first actor who's been announced for a role since the show was first announced back in 2020. The TV series from Amazon and Kilter Films is meant to adapt the hit video game series of the same name that's spanned several titles now across its fictional, post-apocalyptic universe.

Deadline first reported on the news of Goggins being on board with the Fallout project. Goggins is known for his roles in films such as The Hateful Eight, Django Unchained, and Predators and for his TV roles in shows like Justified, The Righteous Gemstones, and Vice Principals.

As for the new role he'll take on in Fallout, details aren't known right now as mentioned previously. However, Deadline reported that the actor is supposedly going to be playing a character named "Ghoul." Those who are familiar with the Fallout universe will know that the ghouls in the games are characters who were formerly humans but have succumbed to various degrees to the radiation from countless nuclear bombs.

Ghouls are able to function at various levels among what's left of the normal population depending on how much they were affected by the radiation with many ghouls able to open up shops and live among other people, though it's not uncommon for people to be prejudiced against them. Some feral ghouls have become completely unstable due to the radiation, but one would assume Goggins' character will be one of the former type.

Though not much has been said about the Fallout show between the time it was announced and now, Bethesda's Todd Howard reassured people back in 2021 that the show was still being worked on and that he was excited to be working with those in charge. The people in charge of the show include Jonathan Nolan, the co-creator of Westworld who's joined by fellow Westworld co-creator Lisa Joy who serves as an executive producer on the show and has been attached to the project for as long as Nolan has. Nolan is to direct the pilot episode, past reports have said, with Geneva Robertson-Dworet of Captain Marvel fame and Graham Wagner from Silicon Valley set to server as the showrunners for the series.

A release date for Amazon's Fallout TV series has not yet been announced.