Fallout 76 Gets Surprise Event at the Perfect Time

Fallout 76 adheres to a pretty predicable schedule of events governed by a community calendar released every so often, so if you pay attention to that, you'll always have a good idea of what's going to be happening in-game on any given weekend. Things sometimes don't go as planned with events being bumped off to a later date, but this weekend, the opposite has happened: players got a bonus event, and it couldn't have happened at a better time.

The bonus event in question is a no-frills Double XP event. You play the game, you get twice the experience – it's that simple. The official Fallout account teased players with this extra reward this week by offering a community poll where all the answers came back to "yes" and said afterwards that players would indeed be getting a Double XP event.

It's the perfect weekend for this sort of event for two reasons. For one, the standard community calendar is still in effect, so there's more going on than just Double XP. In addition to that event, the calendar released previously said that this weekend would include the Gold Rush, Double Mutations, and Minerva's Big Sale Weekend events. The Fallout account confirmed the two main events – Gold Rush and Minerva's Sale – are still on in addition to the Double Mutations event, so there are a total of four different occasions happening in Fallout 76 this weekend.

On top of that, the game's also one of the free PlayStation Plus titles for the month. Since it's free to keep for those who have an active PlayStation Plus subscription of any kind, anyone who's starting out in the Appalachian Wasteland for the first time this week will get quite the head start if they're playing this weekend. Things will go back to normal on January 17th once the long weekend of Double XP and other incentives ends, however, so those who want to take advantage of these events have until Tuesday to do so.