This Fan-Made Wii U Coat Is Surprisingly Cool, Though Probably Uncomfortable

When people usually think "Nintendo" and "portable gaming," one of two things come to mind -- either a model of the Nintendo 3DS; or the Nintendo Switch. The last system anyone thinks about is the Wii U, with its bulky GamePad controller and its heavy base unit.

However, a YouTuber by the name of My Mate Vince may convince you otherwise. The creator's latest project has been introduced, in which he's managed to create a portable Wii U gaming unit out of...a coat? Yep. And it works far better than you might think.

With the building of this coat, Vince was actually able to create the ultimate portable gaming system around Nintendo's failed console, accessing a number of games including a handful of classics as well as new retro titles.

Of course, Vince had to put a lot of effort into making the coat work on the go. In addition to setting up a comfortable way to carry the system and the Gamepad, there was also the need to set up a separate power supply so that the system would work. He found a way to do so, only putting a few cuts into the coat so that it still served its other purpose of keeping him warm.

But that's not all. Vince was able to find a way to include a wireless sensor bar with the system so Wii games could still operate on it; as well as being able to play games with an attached screen and a Pro Controller peripheral.

And here's the real kicker -- he was actually able to install a projector into the hood. This enables you to play games on a bigger screen in case you're going on any camping trips or something like that.

Now obviously Vince isn't introducing this as a sales model. However, in his video (which you can see above), he provides a step-by-step breakdown on how he was able to get this done. But it still serves as a proof-of-concept, so don't expect it to work 100 percent if you try it for yourself. Still, it's kind of cool -- and has us wondering if the Wii U might have succeeded more if it were introduced with a coat option. (Nahhhh.)


For those of you who prefer an easier way to play games, the Nintendo Switch is available now.

(Hat tip to Game Informer for the scoop!)