Fandom Sells Dragon Prince RPG, Other TTPRG Assets to Dire Wolf Digital

Fandom is exiting the tabletop roleplaying game industry, as it has announced that it has sold its Cortex RPG and related assets to Dire Wolf Digital. The sale includes Tales of Xadia: The Dragon Prince Roleplaying Game, which will continue under Dire Wolf Digital's management. Dire Wolf confirmed that it would continue work on an expansion to Tales of Xadia, titled "The Sunfire Chronicles." No release date was announced for "The Sunfire Chronicles." It's unclear whether the sale will have an impact on Legends of Greyskull, another announced tabletop RPG built around the Cortex system using characters from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. 

The sale completes a pretty seismic shift in the tabletop game industry, with Fandom a major player within the tabletop industry just a few months ago. Fandom acquired D&D Beyond and other assets of Curse LLC in 2018 and made plans to expand into other tabletop RPGs with games featuring built-in digital toolsets. Tales of Xadia, released last year was the first game in that business model and seemed to be a success. However, Wizards of the Coast purchased D&D Beyond outright earlier this year for $146 million, taking with it much of the development team on those digital tools. 

The Cortex RPG system is a modular system that allows the game to be adapted for a wide variety of different licenses and game styles. Previous versions of Cortex supported everything from the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying to games based on Firefly, Supernatural, and Smallville.

The acquisition also continues Dire Wolf Digital's push into traditional tabletop game spaces. Dire Wolf recently announced it would be taking over sole publishing of its Clank! series of games and also published the award-winning Dune: Imperium last year. Dire Wolf also publishes a number of digital games, including its original card game Eternal and a number of digital adaptations of popular card games.