Fans Are Still Holding Out Hope For the Sam Raimi Suit in 'Spiderman PS4' and Here's Why

Last week, we filed a news story talking about how some fans were hoping for Spider-Man’s [...]

Last week, we filed a news story talking about how some fans were hoping for Spider-Man's costume from the Sam Raimi film trilogy that ran from 2001 to 2007 would be included in the Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 game.


In that piece, Insomniac Games provided an explanation as to why it's missing, though some are still determined that the suit will someday see the light of day in the game.
At the time, Insomniac Games told their fans on Twitter, "Listening doesn't mean we always will do what people tell us to. We hear you. Hearing doesn't mean we always act or follow." But you could tell that a few fans were upset that the Raimi suit hasn't appeared yet.

Earlier today, Kotaku produced a news story, providing a little more explanation as to why fans have been so hopeful that Tobey Maguire's Spidey costume would someday make its way into the game.

Earlier in the year, before The City That Never Sleeps DLC launched, community manager James Stevenson shared a tweet announcing it was coming- but it's the image be attached to the tweet that got some attention.

As you can see in the picture, that appears to be the same design of the Spider-Man emblem that appeared on Tobey's costume in the films. The tweets below show a few fans agreeing with that idea.

Here's the thing, tho. The team may have been looking into the option to add the Raimi suit into the game and could have possibly run into some kind of legal issue with it. We discussed this in our previous story, stating even though Sony Pictures distributed the films and Sony Interactive Entertainment published the PS4 game, that doesn't mean it's free and clear to use. There could be the need for people to sign off on it- like Tobey Maguire and Raimi himself, for example. And they may have declined for a number of reasons.

It's hard to tell just what the answer is. Insomniac Games is currently on holiday vacation, and probably won't respond until, at the very earliest, January 2019. But there's a possibility the suit could surface in the future, depending on what's happening behind the scenes.

For the time being though, there are three new costumes that you'll be able to play with tomorrow when the final piece of the City That Never Sleeps pack, Silver Lining, launches. And they're well worth spinning webs with, even if they aren't the Raimi suit.

Spider-Man is available now for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. Be sure to check out our review!

(Hat tip to Kotaku for the scoop!)