Fantasy Flight Games Confirms More Marvel Tabletop Games Are in Development

Fantasy Flight Games has confirmed that they plan on publishing more tabletop games using Marvel superheroes. Earlier this week, Fantasy Flight Games held an "AMA" (short for Ask Me Anything) live stream with Michael Boggs, one of the designers for Marvel Champions: The Card Game. During the live stream, someone asked whether Marvel Champions was the only Marvel game Fantasy Flight Games planned to publish. "I can answer that," FFG Marketing Manager Evan Johnson, said on the stream. "No. And that’s all we’re going to be saying about that today."

Fantasy Flight Games first announced that they had obtained a license to publish games using Marvel superheroes and villains last year, although the only game they announced at the time was Marvel Champions: The Card Game. While Marvel Champions is a big success for Fantasy Flight Games, the lack of additional Marvel games is a bit surprising, especially given how FFG tends to produce multiple high-quality games for a single franchise. Fantasy Flight Games has had a ton of success with its Star Wars, Arkham Horror, Lord of the Rings, and Game of Thrones game franchises, all of which have multiple games supported with a steady stream of new content.

While we know that Fantasy Flight Games is making more Marvel games, one of the big questions is what their next plans are. FFG's sister company Atomic Mass Games makes the miniature skirmish game Marvel: Crisis Protocol, so it seems unlikely that FFG would pursue a game with a heavy miniatures component. One possibility is an app-supported miniature game similar to Mansions of Madness or Star Wars: Imperial Assault, perhaps with a campaign component or maybe a more traditional

We could learn more about Fantasy Flight Games' plans for Marvel later this summer. Traditionally, FFG announces a slate of games at Gen Con, although that convention could be postponed or cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns.