Far Cry 5 May Feature a Playable Villain Down the Road

Far Cry 5 drops at the end of this month, and promises to be the biggest – and perhaps most [...]

Far Cry 5 Father

Far Cry 5 drops at the end of this month, and promises to be the biggest – and perhaps most hard-hitting – in the series to date, mainly because you're going into the heartland of America, up against a devious cult leader and his avid followers.

We've already provided our detailed impressions of the game thus far, and we know that a lot is being added, between the community-based Arcade mode and the elaborate schedule of downloadable content that's on the way. But there might be even more to the game than that, based on an interview with one of the producers.

On-air talent HipHopGamer recently had a chance to speak with the game's producer, Darryl Long, about Joseph Seed, aka "The Father." He's the main villain you go up against in Far Cry 5. He's an unstoppable menace that puts up a fight around every turn – and you might be getting more involved with him than you may expect.

While talking about "The Father,", Long told HipHopGamer, "I can tell you right now that when you're playing Far Cry 5, you're going to get very close and personal with the Father. You are gonna get a lot of good time with him and I will not rule out the possibility that at some future time, you'll get even closer."

That's cryptic talk right there, indicating that, at some point, we could be taking control of the villainous character in the game. Whether that moment is in the single player campaign, or possibly to come with downloadable content, we're not sure. But it sounds like we could very well go hands-on with him at some point, giving us the perspective of what it's like to be a villain and/or cult leader. And that's a far different perspective from what we're used to with Far Cry games.

You can watch the full video interview below. The moment where Long talks about Seed starts at around 10:45.

Far Cry 5 releases on March 27 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.


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