FaZe Ewok Leaves Twitch for Mixer

Mixer gained another high-profile streamer this week when Soleil 'Ewok' Wheeler announced that [...]

Mixer gained another high-profile streamer this week when Soleil "Ewok" Wheeler announced that she'd be joining Microsoft's streaming service. Wheeler is a deaf 13-year-old Fortnite streamer who announced her move to Mixer in a video shared on Twitter much like Ninja and Shroud did before her. The streamer's Mixer account has already been set up, and while it's offline at the time of publishing, it'll be where you find the streamer from now on.

Wheeler's announcement video for her move to Mixer can be seen below as she paints the Mixer symbol on the wall. This video followed a teaser from last night that indicated something was coming, and given the way that streamers have revealed their moves to Mixer in the past, people already had suspicions about the potential jump from Twitch.

You'll notice that there's no sound in the video unlike the ones we've seen before for Shroud and Ninja, and if you know of Wheeler already, it makes sense. The streamer received attention earlier in the year for being a deaf Fortnite player who consistently performed well in her matches.

She was also notably the first female streamer to join FaZe Clan. The reveal that FaZe Ewok would be part of the group was shared earlier in the year and can be seen below.

Just as it was with the other streamers who moved to Mixer instead of staying at Twitch, it's unclear what the terms of the agreement were that got her there. What we do know though is that her Mixer page is already live for her fans to start migrating to if they want to watch her there next time she goes live. She currently has over 280,000 followers on Twitch, and some of them have already started moving over to Mixer with her.

Mixer's acquisition of Wheeler shows that even after getting some of the biggest names like Shroud and Ninja on board with the streaming service, the deals aren't done. It's likely that we'll see more like this in the future as additional streamers move to Mixer.