FFXII Moogle-Themed Board Game Revealed By Square Enix

We've only seen six of them, but this upcoming Final Fantasy 12 inspired board game might have some of the cutest card artwork we've ever seen.

Square Enix has unveiled a new board game in the works that is based on Final Fantasy 12, with the tentative title of Final Fantasy: The Six Moogle Siblings' Mob Hunt. The un-finalized game will be available to test at Game Market 2024 Spring event in Tokyo, Japan from April 27th – 28th. While this might not be the Final Fantasy 12 remake fans of the franchise are patiently waiting and hoping for, this will hopefully be exciting enough of an indicator that Square Enix clearly does have FFXII on its mind.

In addition to this newly revealed title, Square Enix intends to bring additional games to Game Market 2024 Spring, appropriately so as it is Japan's largest event for analog games. In addition to The Six Moogle Siblings' Mob Hunt, the company will also have some of its previously released games for sale at its booth, #60. Included on their table will be Final Fantasy VII Remake: Materia Hunter, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – The Promised Day, and the werewolf game Dragon Quest Zinrou.

Mob Hunt

While Square Enix has yet to publish images of the full set of cards or specific details as to how the game is played, it did provide images of six of the cards to showcase some of the details and adorable artwork for the board game. A nice bonus to these six images is that the card descriptions hint that there will also be some sort of token included in the game.

The translations for the six cards already shown, which you can view here, are:

  • Montblanc: [When the game ends] +2VP on victory
  • Van (a.k.a. Vaan): [Face side] This card can be moved to other fields during your own turn.
  • Morbol (a.k.a. Malboro): [When the game ends] Place a fatigue token on cards with original power of 7 or more when the game ends.
  • Hurdy: [Face side] Draw a card, and then send a card from hand to the bottom of deck.
  • Panelo (a.k.a. Penelo): [When the game ends] Remove all fatigue tokens from your own cards in this field. No more fatigue tokens can be placed in the future.
  • Pylraster: Nullify all [When the game ends] text in cards.

The Six Moogle Siblings' Mob Hunt is designed by renowned board game designer Kanai Seiji and features illustrations by Ito Ryoma, already known for the art design in Final Fantasy 12. Kanai describes the game as "a playful game where each other's cards and expectations are intricately intertwined while the trend is settled for a short time." If you're looking to get a bit of an idea as to what to expect from this upcoming board game, Kanai has another game available – Love Letters – which you can try out now.

What isn't noted by Square Enix in the announcement is what language(s) The Six Moogle Siblings' Mob Hunt will be available in, though it's safe to say the game will eventually be localized in English as this has been the case with previous Final Fantasy themed board games.

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