FIFA 18 Patch Removes Huge Exploit

(Photo: EA Sports)

The latest patch that's been released for FIFA 18 has taken care of a problematic exploit that was allowing players to pick up some easy wins.

The patch that's now live across PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 might've seemed like a smaller once if you weren't aware of the exploit that it targeted, but the issue that was taken care of was actually a big deal when it came to beating high-level AI games. It was noticed that some players were using a bug that tricked the AI into fouling them on purpose, but that exploit is no longer available.

"Removed the chance for the CPU AI controlled player to receive a second yellow card when trying to push or pull an opponent, with the exception of an attacker who is through on goal and 1 on 1 with the keeper," the short patch notes read.

It's important to note that the changes don't affect players controlled by humans, so only the AI has been changed. Still, this will remove one of the methods that was consistently being used by players to win matches within the higher difficulties of the FUT Squad Battles.

Alongside the change, the FIFA 18 patch notes also gave players some insight into how the CPU team plays so that they can better understand how an exploit like this even came to be.

  • The CPU plays the game as you would, limited by the same input restrictions as a human player is.
  • This means that the CPU team has an active player, just like you do, which we call the CPU AI controlled player.
  • A CPU AI controlled player exists in the following circumstances:
    • On a team with no human players.
      • For example, the CPU controlled team in Squad Battles.
    • On a team with human players who are all locked to specific players, that also has CPU teammates.
      • For example, a Pro Clubs team, with less than 11 human players, with no ANY player.
  • A CPU AI controlled player does not exist in the following circumstances:
    • On a team with human players who are not locked to specific players.
      • For example, a team in FUT Champions.

The patch is now live across platforms, so say goodbye to that glitch if you were one of the ones using it.