Career Mode and Pro Clubs Feature Almost No Changes In FIFA 19

Back in the day, Career Mode in FIFA was the centerpiece mode. But then a little thing called [...]

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(Photo: EA)

Back in the day, Career Mode in FIFA was the centerpiece mode. But then a little thing called Ultimate Team happened and moved it to the backburner. And then EA added "The Journey" to the series, and Career Mode was further subjugated down the pecking order of TLC. And then this year, for FIFA 19, EA has overhauled and added a string of features to the game's kick-off mode.

The result? Career Mode – as well as Pro Clubs – feature almost zero changes in FIFA 19.

Speaking to GameSpot, EA has confirmed, that in addition to the above listed things, the company's focus on obtaining the Champions League license and ensuring it feels authentic and proper, has left little time for it change or tweak things in either Career Mode or Pro Clubs.

"In terms of Career Mode, we decided to make sure the experience with the Champions League was 100% authentic," said lead gameplay producer, Sam Rivera. "When it's Champions League day, everything changes--[there's a] reskin. That was our highest priority."

Rivera continued, noting that while both modes won't be getting many changes for now, that doesn't rule out that more won't come in the future.

"But we are listening to our fans They've been requesting more stuff, bigger stuff, in terms of Career Mode [and] in terms of Pro Clubs. There's discussions right now to see what can be added in the future. We know it's a very passionate community. At the moment, that's all we're announcing for those modes. We are actively having conversations, listening to [the community] to see what else we can bring to those modes."

It's worth noting that in addition to the Champions League, both modes will see more licensees, which will be announced before launch. Presumably, this will come in the form of the leaked Chinese League addition.

All of that said, so what is new? Well, not much. The biggest change seems to be the addition of locker room cutscenes, though how extensive and robust these will be, who knows. There will also be the addition of Ultimate difficulty and a star will now be added above your club badge if your team wins the Champions league, as is the case when a team wins the prestigious tourney in real life.

As for Pro Clubs, no changes have been announced yet, seemingly indicating that none of have been added.

FIFA 19 is in development for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, and last-gen systems, and is poised to release worldwide on September 28th.