Four New Features Coming to FIFA 20

FIFA 20 is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch on September 27, and according to Electronic Arts, it will arrive packing numerous gameplay changes and additional features birthed from fan feedback on FIFA 19. And some of these improvements and new additions have been detailed by EA. As you will know, with a new FIFA releasing every year, there's never anything drastically different between releases, but it seems for the big 20 EA is making sure to give fans a little bit extra.

That all said, here are four new features being added for FIFA 20 that EA highlights:


FIFA 20 will feature a brand-new FIFA Street-esq mode that takes football back to the streets where small-sided games are what people play. The mode can be played in 3v3 Rush (No goalies) 4v4, 4v4 Rush, 5v5, and professional futsal. There will also be different arenas and environments, which will be different sizes. Some of these arenas will have walls, others won't.

Speaking of modes, VOLTA comes in a few variants. There's VOLTA story mode, VOLTA League with promotion and relegation, VOLTA kick-off, and VOLTA World.

Players will also be able to create and customize their own character, who they can equip with different clothing, hair, tattoos, emotes, etc.

fifa 20 volta
(Photo: EA)

Authentic Game Flow:

Authentic Game Flow gives AI-controlled players a better understanding of time, space, and position the pitch, which in turns places more emphasis on user-controlled play through dynamic one-on-ones, enhanced AI defending, and natural player motion.

  • Dynamic One-on-Ones: One-on-ones have been overhauled to offer more true-to-life spacing and pace of play, resulting in more one-on-one opportunities putting emphasis on user-controlled decisive moments.
  • AI Defending: There's been an overhaul to AI defending as well. More specifically, there's been a overhaul in the positioning and tackling system so that AI will offer intelligent defensive support, but will put more emphasis on player-controlled defending.
  • Natural Player Motion: Players now move more natural and composed fashion thanks to locomotion and positioning innovations.

Decisive Movements:

Decisive Movements give players more control over the movements of their players.

  • Strafe Dribbling: The new strafe dribble mechanic means more dimension to attacking options, which enables you to move with more agility to lure your opponent in before beating them with speed or skill.
  • Controlled Tackling: With the Active Touch System, user-controlled defending is easier and isn't let down by animations jank as much. The cleaner the tackle, the better chance of winning the tackle and earning possession.
  • Set Piece Refresh: A system refresh gives deeper options for aiming direct free kicks and penalties and introduces more skill-based mechanics for ball-striking, which hopefully will make corner kicks better.

New Ball Physics:

The new Ball Physics System is said to elevate gameplay to a new level of realism, offering new shot trajectories, more realistic tackle interactions, and more realistic ball behavior through more ball spins and more authentic bounces.

FIFA 20 is poised to release on September 27 via the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.