FIFA 20 Teaser Trailer Released Ahead of Tomorrow's E3 Reveal

Today, EA revealed the first-ever teaser trailer of FIFA 20 ahead of its reveal tomorrow at EA Play and confirmed the game will release on September 27. Unfortunately, the trailer doesn't feature any actual gameplay footage, but it does interestingly have a splash screen at the end that suggests EA may have struck a marketing deal with PlayStation for the game, which may mean exclusive content. Emphasis on may, because it's probably just a marketing deal.

Again, there's not much to the trailer -- hence why it's a teaser -- but we will get our proper look at the game tomorrow. Further, we should find out who the game's cover star is.

Last month, EA released a deep dive into some of the gameplay changes players should expect from FIFA 20 and beyond. If these type of finer details are you're type of thing, click here. If you're not the reading type, don't worry, EA will probably talk about them tomorrow for the game's reveal.

As you wait for tomorrow's reveal, be sure to check out our review of this year's game to find out what improvements we want to see from FIFA 20. Here's a snippet from it:


"FIFA 19 is one of the best FIFA games in years. A massive improvement over FIFA 17, and a considerable advancement over FIFA 18, FIFA 19 is far from a perfect game, and is still shackled by gameplay inconsistencies and its annual release format, but for the first time since 2016, a new FIFA feels like an appreciable upgrade.

"We all know FIFA 17 was arguably the worst FIFA, ever. And while 18 was better, it still felt frustratingly weighed down by the shortcomings of 17. Speed -- explosive players like Leroy Sane, Gareth Bale and Kylian Mbappe -- have defined previous releases to the point that the beautiful game was almost unrecognizable. FIFA 19 addresses this and produces an experience that is the closest thing to simulation yet. Again, FIFA 19 is the best FIFA in years, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have its own laundry list of issues."