Final Fantasy 14 Is Having a Final Fantasy 15 Crossover Event

Final Fantasy XIV has no shortage of events and activities to keep players busy, and right now, it's brought back another event from the past to give players another shot at some crossover content. The latest collaboration is with Final Fantasy XV, the most recent Final Fantasy game in the ongoing series. The event mirrors the previous version of it that was released years ago and includes things like the Regalia Type-G mount and special armor exclusive to the event.

The returning Final Fantasy XIV event arrived this week after being announced previously, and if you own the online Final Fantasy game, you can get started with it now assuming you've met a few requirements. If you haven't yet done what you need to do to start it, you've got until at least October 18th to take part since that's when the event ends.

To get started with this Final Fantasy XV crossover event, you have to go talk to Kipih Jakkya at Ul'dah, Steps of Nald to kick off the quest called "The Man in Black." That man is Noctis from Final Fantasy XV in case you hadn't already guessed that.

But before you do that, you'll have to make sure you're at least level 50 in the game. You'll also have to make sure that you've finished the main quest "The Ultimate Weapon." Square Enix's page for the event says that "New players must first purchase the game," so it's unclear if this crossover event is available to those who are playing through Final Fantasy XIV via its free trial offer that goes past level 50.

Once you get started with the event, you'll have the opportunity to earn the Regalia mount mentioned previously along with other cosmetics. Completing different quests associated with the event will grant players different outfit pieces that ultimately come together to mimic the look of Noctis himself. Hairstyles are also available during the event that match the Final Fantasy XV protagonist's hair.


If you finish all of these events and want to go through them again either by yourself or with a friend, you'll be able to do so via the Seasonal Event Replay feature, though keep in mind that you won't be able to earn additional rewards from doing so.

Final Fantasy XIV's Final Fantasy XV event is live from now until October 18th.