Final Fantasy 16's Basic Development is Already Complete

Final Fantasy XVI made a splash at the PlayStation Showcase, through with most Final Fantasy games we are preconditioned to expect that when they are announced they are still a long way off. That might not be the case as much with XVI though, as a recent job posting on Square Enix's recruitment page reveals that basic development and scenario production for the game are already completed. The position goes onto say that they "are continuing to create large-scale resources and build boss battles while expanding our various development tools" and that "most of our staff are carrying out their work remotely.” The position is mainly to help complete the larger world, characters, and cutscenes, and you can find the full translated listing below (via Gematsu).

It's nice to hear that things are moving smoothly with Final Fantasy XVI and that some of the basic development is already completed. The last few entries in the series have experienced either major creative shifts, development complications, or major delays, but it seems XVI is on its way to bucking that trend.

Here's the entire listing:

"FINAL FANTASY XVI is undergoing large-scale development for release as a title for PS5. In particular, we are looking for the final staff to create the world of FF16 together with us, such as creating various stages / fields, large-scale cutscenes, and creating character actions.

The challenge for the next generation is a tough road, but we are waiting for applications from those with high aspirations, such as improving their careers and providing works to the global market. Please lend us your help! !!

Basic development and scenario production have already been completed, and we are continuing to create large-scale resources and build boss battles while expanding various development tools. In addition, most staff work remotely.

The resource production pipeline is undergoing major changes for the next generation. It is attractive to support this pipeline and hone your next-generation HD game production skills, gain experience, and expand your career. In addition, especially in action production and map production, there is still room for incorporating your own ideas, so we are waiting for applications from those who have such a challenging spirit.


We are looking for people who have experience in action games and people who have experience in producing high quality graphics for HD games.
This is a particularly rewarding task for those who are greedy for their career advancement. (Environment production, cutscene production assistants, animators, VFX, etc. are being recruited with particular emphasis)"

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