Final Fantasy Creator Shares His Thoughts on Final Fantasy 16

The father of Final Fantasy is greatly impressed with Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi has shared his own thoughts on the recently released Final Fantasy XVI and it seems that he's a big fan. Since directing the original Final Fantasy back in 1989, Sakaguchi went on to serve as a key creative on every mainline entry in the series up until 2003's Final Fantasy X-2. Following that release, Sakaguchi went on to establish his own studio and has continued to watch Final Fantasy from the sidelines. Now, the legendary game developer 

In a recent post on Twitter (or X), Sakaguchi shared an image from Final Fantasy XVI and dubbed it the "ultimate fantasy Final Fantasy." Some fans took this statement from Sakaguchi to mean that the creator believes FF XVI is the best entry in the history of the Final Fantasy saga. Regardless of where he would rank Final Fantasy XVI within the scope of the larger series, though, it's clear that Sakaguchi adored Square Enix's latest installment. 

In an additional message, Sakaguchi shared his extended thoughts on the Final Fantasy series and how it has grown over the decades. "I think... Final Fantasy is something that continues to evolve. It is never completed," he said on social media alongside another image from Final Fantasy XVI. "Adventurousness, courage, and determination are the key words."

As a whole, both fans and critics alike have agreed with Sakaguchi as Final Fantasy XVI has received countless acclaim since launching back in June. Currently, the RPG boasts an impressive 87/100 aggregate score on Metacritic, which makes it the highest-rated new Final Fantasy title in over 15 years. Given that Square Enix has also found just as much praise with its Final Fantasy VII Remake series in recent years, it's quite clear that the Final Fantasy franchise is in its best place in decades. 

Have you played Final Fantasy XVI for yourself this summer? And if so, do you happen to agree with Sakaguchi that the game is excellent? Be sure to share your own thoughts with me either down in the comments or shoot me a message on Twitter at @MooreMan12