Final Fantasy 7 Remake Shares New Sector 8 Concept Art

Final Fantasy VII Remake, the upcoming... well, remake of Final Fantasy VII from Square Enix has shared yet another piece of brand-new concept art which shows Sector 8 in all its glory. Sector 8, you might recall, is the area wherein Cloud meets Aerith while fleeing from Shinra in the original video game, and it looks like the upcoming remake will do that section of the game justice.

The concept art was shared to the video game's official Twitter account this morning alongside an in-game screenshot of the same area. While it's clear not everything made the jump from the concept to the actual implementation within the game, the spirit of the former is certainly clear in the latter -- which is kind of the whole point of concept art. There's also a sneaky cameo of a certain flower-selling party member if you look closely at the in-game screenshot.

"Notice the LOVELESS sign atop the theatre on the main road?" the account tweeted, not giving the sly inclusion away. You can check out both the in-game screenshot and concept art in the full tweet below:

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Final Fantasy VII Remake is scheduled to launch on March 3, 2020 for PlayStation 4. It's currently unclear exactly how many games the Final Fantasy VII Remake will be comprised of, as it's known that it will be releasing in distinct chunks. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the title right here.