'Final Fantasy VII' Remake News Coming Soon

The road to release for the Final Fantasy VII remake has been a long and arduous one, that's for [...]

The road to release for the Final Fantasy VII remake has been a long and arduous one, that's for sure. From rumors of cancellation, to team shifts, to creative differences, the path of seeing a fan favorite once more hasn't been easy. That same road has also been very quiet as of late but now that Kingdom Hearts 3 has gone gold and is ready to roll out, the team can finally shift their focus back onto the highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII remake.

Game director Tetsuya Nomura and producer Yoshinori Kitase have recently dropped a few teasers via Hokanko that they have quite a few big reveals coming in soon for the new year regarding the project that was first announced back in 2015. "Development on Final Fantasy 7 Remake is progressing smoothly," Kitase-san added following the confirmation that 2019 would share "numerous reveals". "I would like to try hard to meet the expectations of fans."

This falls in line with an earlier interview where the director sat down with Famitsu to talk a little bit about the state of Square Enix and all of the projects it is currently working on. He also touched on mistaken information about the Final Fantasy VII Remake's progression, stating that earlier rumors of it being halted completely for Kingdom Hearts 3 was inaccurate and that progress has been made "favorably" even since E3.

The miscommunication seems to be that the PR aspect of Square Enix was focused on the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3, but not the developers themselves. This is good news, given that the original rumors seemed to bode ill for the future of the remake so many are looking forward to.

With 2018 closing out here shortly, it's nice to see that the new year is setting up to already host some incredible announcements. Personally, I've been begging for any type of news regarding the Final Fantasy VII project. The original game is one of those titles that I will always return to because it feels like home and I can't wait to see that in current-gen graphics with additional plot additions.

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