Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Today is Tifa Lockhart's Birthday

There have been a number of beloved characters throughout the history of the Final Fantasy franchise, but none have proven nearly as popular as the cast of Final Fantasy VII. Released on the original PlayStation back in 1997, Final Fantasy VII quickly became one of the most acclaimed games of all-time. A large part of the game's enduring quality is owed to its cast. Characters like Cloud Strife, Barret, and Aerith have stood the test of time, and become staples of the video game industry. Tifa Lockhart just might be one of the most popular of these, and fans have been celebrating the character, as May 3rd just so happens to be the heroine's in-game birthday.

According to Square Enix, Tifa was born on May 3rd, 1987, making her 33-years-old today. In Final Fantasy VII and in Final Fantasy VII Remake, the character is depicted as 20. Cloud's childhood friend, the two were born and raised in Nibelheim, before the town was destroyed by Shinra. This action inspired Tifa to join AVALANCHE, in order to take them down, and save the rest of the world from a similar fate.

While the character has often been considered somewhat of a potential love interest for Cloud, her strength and character give her a depth often found lacking in video game love interests, especially in games from that particular era. Tifa was never depicted as a "damsel in distress." Instead, she's always been shown to have the same abilities and determination of characters like Cloud and Barret. It's likely a major reason why the character has proven to be so popular.

In the 23 years since the original game made its debut, Tifa has inspired countless fans. Tifa is easily one of the most frequently cosplayed characters from the Final Fantasy franchise, inspiring cosplayers around the world to share their takes on the character. She has also inspired a plethora of merchandise, including toys, models, and even a PlayStation 4 theme that could only be acquired by purchasing candy bars made be Ferrero. With Final Fantasy VII Remake introducing the character to an entirely new generation of fans, it seems safe to assume Tifa Lockhart will continue to prove popular.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is now available as a timed exclusive on PlayStation 4.


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