'Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition' Coming to PC in 2018

Final Fantasy XV will soon be available to PC players with a Windows Edition releasing in early [...]

(Photo: Square Enix)

Final Fantasy XV will soon be available to PC players with a Windows Edition releasing in early 2018.

Officially being known simply as Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition, the PC port for the latest hit game in the acclaimed Final Fantasy series was revealed recently during Gamescom. During a press conference by Nvidia at the German gaming conference, the PC version of the game was confirmed by Square Enix's Hajime Tabata, the director of Final Fantasy XV.

Partnering with Nvidia to make the PC version a reality, Tabata praised the company and said that they look forward to working with them to create an impressive visual experience.

As far as console-to-PC enhancements go, players can expect the game to live up to that stunning experience that Tabata hopes for. High-resolution textures are one of the first and most noticeable areas where the game will see improvements, and even the smallest details will look even better on the PC version. Final Fantasy's characters' hairstyles are just about as significant as the armor and weapons that they use, and the PC version has already been confirmed to have improvements made in the way that hair and other similar objects like grass move.

Shadows will also play an even more important part in the PC version with ambient occlusion affecting the amount of light that targets certain objects, changing exactly how lit up they are as well as the shadows that will play off of each object. Players will also be able to take high-resolution screenshots of their gameplay that can also be captured from the first-person perspective, through Prompto might take some offense to you not using his photography skills instead.

The game already has a Steam page up and running, and through that page, it's also confirmed that players can expect bonus content to come their way as well much like the console players received.

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition boasts a wealth of bonus content, including content contained in free updates to the console versions as well as paid downloadable content originally available through the Season Pass. Players can also explore the world of Eos through Noctis's eyes in an all-new first-person mode.

The Windows Edition of Final Fantasy XV is scheduled to release on PC in early 2018.