Fire Emblem Engage Revealed by Nintendo

Nintendo has revealed the next installment in the Fire Emblem series. Following the launch of Fire Emblem: Three Houses back in 2019, Nintendo is now gearing up to launch the next entry in the franchise, which will be entitled Fire Emblem Engage. And while Engage will tell a new story in the world of Fire Emblem, it looks like it will also be incorporating elements from many previous entries as well. 

Announced to kick off today's Nintendo Direct, Fire Emblem Engage was unveiled via a debut trailer. The video in question gave us a taste of the story that will be told in this installment while also showing off some of the new gameplay systems and mechanics. Perhaps most notably, many characters from past Fire Emblem titles were shown to be returning in Engage through a summoning system of sorts. It remains to be seen how this system will work in-game, but it's clear that Fire Emblem Engage is looking to fold in many aspects from the spanning history of the franchise. 

"Become the Divine Dragon and save the continent of Elyos!" Nintendo says in its official description from Fire Emblem Engage. "Use hero-summoning strategies to defeat an ancient threat in a brand-new Fire Emblem game. Summon valiant heroes like Marth and Celica alongside a new cast of characters and engage in turn-based, tactical combat against a great evil in this new Fire Emblem story."

When it comes to the release of Fire Emblem Engage, we won't have to wait a whole lot longer for its arrival. The game is set to land exclusively on Nintendo Switch early next year on January 20, 2023. With this in mind, we should be learning a whole lot more about Engage in the coming weeks and months. 

Are you going to look to pick up Fire Emblem Engage for yourself when it arrives next year? And what do you think about the game based on what we have seen so far? Be sure to let me know either down in the comments or reach out to me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.