Get Your First Look at The Warriors and Jet Set Radio Inspired Series Speed Switch (Exclusive)

Fans will soon get to experience a high-octane new world full of thrills and twists in the new comic series Speed Switch, and we've got your exclusive first look right here! Speed Switch comes from Blue Shift Games and is co-written by Marvel and LEGO game producer Sen and Fab Prize award winner Ramzee (Edge of the Spider-Verse), and will feature artwork by Shanefaced (Road Knight), and you can check out the new covers for the debut issue below. Speed Switch follows the fast courier in Sunset City Nex, whose attempts to reunite with his long lost sister Ezri stick him in the middle of a race to the death and all sorts of answers to mysteries about his past. Speed Switch will launch on October 28th, and you can get all the details on the new series in the official description below.

"Dodging speeding freighters, crazed space cabbies and sixty million cranky pedestrians is all in a day's work for Nex, the fastest courier in Sunset City or so he proclaims. But when he discovers that his long lost sister, Ezri, is the newest contestant on Speed Switch: a no-hold-barred, high-octane, extreme race to the death that claimed his parents, he has to find his way into the race. But that's just half his problem because it turns out that there's more to this sport and his parents' deaths than meets the eye as we follow Nex and Ezri on a twisty thrill ride of mystery and exciting sci-fi action.

(Photo: Blue Shift Games)

"I loved skateboarding as a teen, playing games like SSX and Tony Hawk," said Sen. "After 14 years of formulating the story, I reached out to my good friend Shanefaced to help actualize the comic art, while Ramzee helped refine the dialogue for the characters. Although there's action and violence I want readers to see the different messages we're sending out there that reflect the issues we see in society today: racism, poverty, government, conspiracy and technology falling into the wrong hands. I hope it's a collaboration folks enjoy!"

(Photo: Blue Shift Games)

"When Sen brought me this project, I was blown away by the characters, world and lore that he created," said Ramzee. "It struck me as a cyberpunk Speed Racer in how skillfully braided its dystopian world of The Have and The Have Nots with all the high stakes and high-octane thrills and spills of futuristic racing. Under Sen's stewardship, we adapted the story that moves across the pathos of an orphan trying to survive in a grim & gritty world, showcasing the colorful and bombastic art with all the fun splash pages by Shanefaced -a talent to look out for – with thrilling page-turns I could muster. The world of Speed Switch is vast and ripe with possibilities."

"Sen told me about this project back in 2016 and I thought it was a great idea!" said Shanefaced. "A lot of thought has gone into the world building and designs, the different factions of how they look and live. With Ramzee's amazing storytelling it brought it all together in this comic. I hope readers enjoy the dynamic angles and bright bold colors along with the sentimental moments our protagonist goes through on his journey!"

Speed Switch hits stores on October 28th and is available for pre-order right here. You can also meet Sen in person at table #G-08 at MCM Comic Con.