For Honor Introducing The Age Of Wolves With Its Latest Season

There are still plenty of people out there enjoying Ubisoft’s medieval multiplayer action game [...]

For Honor Age of Wolves

There are still plenty of people out there enjoying Ubisoft's medieval multiplayer action game For Honor, and they're going to be thrilled by the news that a fifth season is just about underway.

Ubisoft confirmed today that the latest season for the game is set to kick off on February 15, and will be known as the Age of Wolves. With it, players will be able to check out a number of new hero updates, along with balancing and the introduction of dedicated servers – which should make multiplayer better than ever.

The update will be free of charge, and will bring a number of new gameplay updated to the Kensei, Conqueror, Highlander, Berserker and Nobushi heroes, with a number of tweaks set to take place. This includes adding movesets to the Kensei and Conqueror heroes, as well as additional animations. As for the Highlander, Berserzer and Nobushi, they'll get other little balancing updates, although they weren't broken down yet.

The Age of Wolves will also introduce three new training modes, so that players can perfect their techniques before they take the battle online. And once they do, they still won't be overwhelmed, as new Apprentice and Warriors Trials modes will be introduced, so that they can become accustomed to the controls, and take on the opposition more effectively.

Here's a breakdown of what else players can expect from the update, straight from Ubisoft:

"Season Five will also bring several quality of life updates including a new item that will boost XP in exchange for salvage, the shift of 4v4 Ranked Mode from Dominion to Tribute, a new reputation level cap, new gear progression and more. Age of Wolves will be the first season of a full year's worth of content coming to For Honor in 2018."

You can check out the premiere trailer for Age of Wolves above, which shows some of these changes in action. Again, it's free, so if you're still an avid fan of the game that can't get enough of the hacking and slashing, this'll seem like Christmas – or Valentine's Day, if that's the way you want to go.

For Honor is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.