Former Telltale Games Employee Reveals Interesting Detail About Female Game Characters

There’s been a lot of stories circulating around Telltale Games, which recently began [...]

There's been a lot of stories circulating around Telltale Games, which recently began proceedings for liquidation after dismissing a majority of its workforce earlier this year. But this one gives an idea of what kind of corners were cut when it came to game development -- most notably revolving around female characters.

The Walking Dead

A former employee by the name of Emily Grace Buck shared a story on Twitter earlier today, when a fellow user noted that games need to stop being afraid of women with a number of features, such as "messy hair," "gapless thighs" and "fat arms."

Buck responded, "At Telltale, we almost never showed womens' bare feet/lower legs because almost all our adult female character rigs were built to only wear heels, like a Barbie."

She then added that she ran into some difficulty with trying to give female characters feet.

But then she noted that this shouldn't be a surprise, since it's "fairly industry standard practice," to which many people noted what they heard.

For instance, another former Telltale employee, Nathan Allen Ortega, said the following on Twitter:

(By the way, NF is New Frontier, the latest Walking Dead before the Final Season.)

Emily responded back, with a rather interesting note about The Walking Dead: Michonne:

The thread as a whole is worth reading with all the responses, with former Sony Online Entertainment employee Stephen Kick agreeing that something similar was happening over there:

You can read the whole thread here and the numerous responses from industry folk and fans alike, all of whom agree that, honestly, it seems pretty silly to cut off feet from female game characters. We can sum it up with this response from Guccibussi: