Former Tomb Raider Boss Officially Joins the Xbox Team, Teases E3 News

Looks like the Xbox team has just gotten a little brighter because Crystal Dynamic's Darrell [...]


Looks like the Xbox team has just gotten a little brighter because Crystal Dynamic's Darrell Gallagher has just made the move over to Microsoft as part of their Executive Leadership Team. The former Tomb Raider boss took to Twitter following Matt Booty's, Microsoft Studio Boss, announcement on the same platform. Not only did Booty welcome their new team member, but he also teased some exciting E3 news!

Phil Spencer joined in on the celebration, check out what the Xbox trifecta had to say below:

This is definitely exciting news and with the promise of more first party support than ever before, more RPG experiences added to their line-up, and even more original Xbox titles making their way into this generation via backwards compatibility - it's definitely a phenomenal time for Gallagher to join the crew.

We're looking forward to seeing his particular flavor added into the mix, Gallagher himself has an impressive resume to be sure. Here's a brief outline of his achievements, according to his LinkedIn profile:

  • Head of Creative at Sony 1997
  • Lead Artist at Rockstar Games 2004
  • Art Director at Crystal Dynamics 2005
  • Studio Head at Crystal Dynamics/Eidos 2009
  • Head of Product Development at Square Enix 2013
  • Head of Development and SVP at Activision 2016
  • Executive Leadership Team at Microsoft, present

He has quite the background, including work with Sony, so it will be interesting to see how that melds with the team already working at the top to create a better play experience over at Xbox.

Ever since Phil Spencer took the reins over on the Microsoft platform, players have seen a significant shift back into the mindset of "for the gamers," when many felt the brand lost its way. Not only that, but the Xboss has been incredibly transparent with friends, and insanely active on social media when answering questions, as far as him vision and he's nothing if not ambitious.

With Spencer teasing the "biggest yet" E3 experience, we can't wait to see what they have in store!