Fortnite Reaches Yet Even More Players, And Epic Games Is Quite Pleased

The story behind Fortnite is quite an interesting one. The game spent many years in development, [...]


The story behind Fortnite is quite an interesting one. The game spent many years in development, and just when players were about to give up on it, it released last summer, and began amassing a huge audience. But then those numbers grew even higher with the debut of a new Battle Royale mode within the game, which many people were pleased with. Well, maybe not the creators of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. And now here we are, into the beginning of January, and Fortnite continues to set all sorts of records. Just after it was reported last month that the game reached 30 million players with a concurrent count of 1.3 million, it's gone and set records yet again.

Fortnite continues to grow, having reached 40 million players within just over a month's time, and reaching two million concurrent players at one time. Not bad for a little free-to-play game that came out of nowhere just a few month ago.

Speaking with PCGamesN, Fortnite lead systems designer Eric Williamson noted, "We're just absolutely floored."

The game has been growing quite a bit over the past few weeks, between the addition of Battle Royale, as well as the special 50-on-50 mode that ran for a limited time back in December. No doubt Epic Games is planning more content for the game that's on that level.

"We're really thrilled by the excitement for Battle Royale," Williamson continued. "At the same time we see it as a challenge to continue iterating and improving our game. We've been releasing a lot of updates, almost every week really, to improve the core game and add new gameplay affecting stuff. We don't really have any intention of slowing down there."

It's definitely a handful keeping up the pace for that game, but Epic Games seems to be up to task, and it probably won't be too long until we hear about what's next for the game.

If you haven't jumped in yet, it's not too late, as Fortnite is a fairly simple download, and learning the mechanics of the game is a cinch. Mastering them, on the other hand…well, that's just part of the fun.

Fortnite is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.