'Fortnite' Aim Assist Exploit Addressed by Epic Games

Exploits are nothing new in online games, but they can be incredibly harmful to the overall gameplay experience. In games rooted in the Battle Royale genre, like Fortnite, the high-intensity PvP format can really be offset by the abuse of found exploits. Such is the case with one in particular that warps the aim assist feature into something that can easily mean a more competitive edge and now the studio behind the free-to-play title of Fortnite is addressing the exploit head on.

One Twitter account took to the social media site to show off a clip with the exploit in action, saying "Here's a clear example of why ADS Spamming should be looked into/removed. Again, I have no issue with Aim Assist, at all. In the video provided you can see ADS Spamming hitting numerous shots on someone who can't be seen in a Stink Bomb."

Epic Games' Eric Williamson responded, assuring them that a fix was on the way:

As seen in the clip above, this is no small exploit. This makes landing that critical shot absolutely effortless, negating skill for a simple exploit. With an online goal of being the last man standing, this kind of issue can absolutely impact the game's integrity, so it's good to see that the studio continues to be active in their community so that they could catch this soon enough to get a fix out there.

As for the game itself, Fortnite is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and select Android players.


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