Fortnite Reveals New Impostors Game Mode

Epic Games revealed a new Fortnite mode on Tuesday that’s again inspired by the hit game Among [...]

Epic Games revealed a new Fortnite mode on Tuesday that's again inspired by the hit game Among Us. This new "Impostors" mode tasks players with playing a game of Agents vs. Impostors where the Impostors have to try and take control of The Bridge while the Agents try and determine who among them is a traitor. The mode's available now for people to try out, and it even has some lore implications within the Fortnite story as well.

While other Among Us-style modes found in games like Call of Duty tweak the formula a bit, this Impostors mode in Fortnite is about as shameless of an Among Us imitation as we could get. Agents have to complete tasks while trying to figure out who the Impostors are. Impostors have their own tasks they can complete to blend in with the Agents and can eliminated the Agents if they think they've got an opening to do so. Once an eliminated Agent is discovered, fellow Agents can report the finding which results in everyone being moved to The Bridge for a discussion and potential voting session to kick someone out.

The Impostors have a couple of special abilities they can use to throw people off their trails and to cause chaos. "Disable Assignments" temporarily halts progress on all tasks, "Teleport Players" moves every Agent and Impostor to a new location, and "Peely Party" turns everyone into Peely so that players can't easily determine who's who.

Impostors doesn't feature public voice chat to ensure fairness, but the game mode still supports party chat as well as a quick chat feature and emotes which allow players to discuss their findings. You can also queue up for a private match with your friends if you want to only play with people you know.

While this mode is pretty by the books when it comes to Among Us-inspired modes, it does have some tie-in to the game's lore as mentioned previously. Following Agent Jones' actions at the end of the last season in Fortnite, it's been determined now that Jones wasn't working alone and that there are other perceived threats within the Imagined Order. The trailer above sheds some more light on how the war between Impostors and Agents manifests itself in Fortnite.

Recent leaks indicated that Fortnite might be getting an Among Us mode, but it looks like this Impostors mode is as close as we'll get to that happening. Fortnite had another Among Us-style mode available in December 2020 if this all sounds familiar, but that mode was different than the Impostors one we have now.

Fortnite's new Impostors mode is now available across all platforms.