Fortnite Replay Recreates 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' Intro

Another Fortnite replay creation has been shared that recreates the intro of Avatar: The Last Airbender with all elements and nations accounted for.

Created by Driveflix Games, the video is aptly titled “The Avatar intro but in Fortnite” and is one of the many submissions for the ongoing Replay Royale contest. With representation from all four nations and Fortnite’s version of Aang a spacesuit-clad character, the video shows what the intro for Avatar would look like if it were created in Fortnite’s world.

Like many others, you may be wondering how the different elements were portrayed in the replay intro, but the ways that Driveflix Games chose to recreate the nation’s effects make sense after seeing them. Water and Earth are the easier of the two nations since they just involve drinking a Shield Potion and building some structures, respectively, but Fire simply sticks with guns as the Fortnite nation’s element. There’s not any fire found in Fortnite, so it makes sense that this nation would get feature the more aggressive part of Fortnite. Air is portrayed by the Impulse Grenade, a weapon that launches player into the air, that player being the Avatar in this situation.


The video stretches just a bit beyond the normal Avatar intro scenes to qualify for the Replay Royale contest that many other content creators have already submitted replays for. While this is the first time that we’ve seen an Avatar intro recreated using Fortnite’s new replay tool, there have been plenty of other creative submissions in the past. Intros seem to be a popular option for replay creators since they’re something that most people will pick up on immediately, even if you’re not a die-hard fan of the show. The Walking Dead and The Office were both shows that have already been recreated in Fortnite, but players have also incorporated famous songs into the replays to make their own trailers. Setting Fortnite to the sound of Queen’s “We Will Rock You” results in a fan-made trailer that wouldn’t be surprising to see in some official capacity online or on TV, maybe with a bit of cleanup.

The Replay Royale contest that spawned all these submissions was announced weeks ago by Epic Games with a list of rules to guide those looking to enter. Like the dance-submission contest that just ended, Epic Games is giving out some Fortnite loot that includes everything from an Alienware PC to V-Bucks. The contest ends on April 26, so expect to see more submissions like this one before it’s over.