Florida Woman Allegedly Dislocates Son's Jaw Over Fortnite

A Florida woman out of South Daytona has been accused of dislocating her 10-year-old's jaw after [...]

A Florida woman out of South Daytona has been accused of dislocating her 10-year-old's jaw after he refused to stop playing Fortnite, Epic Games' popular battle royale game that's available on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, and mobile devices. According to the police report -- relayed by CBS 17 -- this past Wednesday, around 5 p.m. ETS, 35-year-old Ann Perugia told her son that it was time to get off the game and take a shower. And when the son refused to listen to his mother, well things allegedly got out of hand.

According to the 10 year old -- via the local South Daytona police -- "he forgot to do as he was told," and so when his mother came back into his room 10 minutes later and asked if he had taken a shower yet, he revealed to her that he hadn't. At this point, the child reportedly got up and headed towards the bathroom to presumably take a shower, when his mother angrily followed him in there. And once the two were in the bathroom, the child told police that his mother, with a closed fist, punched him in his face, dislocating his jaw. In addition to a messed up jaw, the police report mentions that the son also had scratches across his body, suggesting a larger struggle than just one single punch.

At this point, police allege that Perugia called the boy's father, Brian Butler, to be picked up. The father reportedly arrived at the house to his son standing outside with a bag of clothes and shoes.

This is the boy's account, which, as you would expect, isn't echoed by the mother. According to Perugia, after picking up her son from school, she let him play the game with a few friends. Eventually, she told him to take a shower, to which he said no. Some point after this, the child got up and finally went to go take a shower. Perguia says she followed her son into the room, asking what the attitude was for, and he replied, "I hate you and you don't do anything for me." Perguia says she called Butler to pick up his son. She denies that she punched him.

At the moment, the son is staying with his aunt, as the father does not have complete custody over the boy. Meanwhile, Perugia has been arrested and charged with aggravated child abuse with physical injury.