Fortnite: Cheat Code Unlocks Black Hole Mini Game (Video)

. From there, the game will become playable and gamers can move their little slice of pizza to [...]

(Photo: Brandon Davis / Twitter)

Fortnite is currently "ended" according to all accounts from Epic Games and signs from the game itself but the Konami Code is giving it new life. The black hole which has sucked every bit of Fortnite content in with no signs of when the game or any form of it will come available again (although, we have some thoughts about when it will be back online) offers up an interesting little mini game for those waiting to get back on the 100-man island. By entering a cheat code while stuck in the lobby or in the black hole screen, gamers can play a Space Invaders type of game and shoot down all of the Durr Burgers flying their way -- and take out one giant Durr Burger that spits lethal pineapples.

The code to access the game, use the Konami Code (via the D-Pad on console) which is: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B/X, A/O, Start (or Enter). From there, the game will become playable and gamers can move their little slice of pizza to combat the incoming Durr Burgers while they wait for the next phase of Fortnite.

Check out the video of Fortnite's mini game below!

The mini game will occasionally flash a "high score" on the left side of the game but beating those scores does not unlock anything or change the game, in any way.

With the update being applied an fans hungry for Season 11, the common bet seems to be that Fortnite is going to be played on an entirely new map. This would be something brand new to the game which has commonly altered its map through various updates but never completely wiped it out. Apex Legends, another free-to-play game recently launched an entirely new map, which some think influenced Fortnite's decision.

Other rumors point to Fortnite: Chapter 2 launching as what might be an entirely new game. Whether or not gamers will have to download a new game which would operate separately is unclear but also unlikely. Fortnite will certainly see a major facelift when it comes back online but the originally downloaded game will likely still be working -- and the black hole plaguing gamers' screens today will be a thing of the past.

Video captured by gamers shows the moment when Fortnite was sucked into a black hole around 1pm ET.

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