Epic Games Settles Lawsuit Against Fortnite Cheater

fornite cheater

Epic Games has settled one of the two high-profile copyright lawsuits the developers have brought against gamers who they say cheated when playing Epic’s Fortnite.

The case that’s come to an end isn’t the Epic Games vs. mother-son duo where the studio is taking action against a 14-year-old cheater, but it’s a similar case where Epic Games said that Charles “Joreallean” Vraspir infringed on their copyright by injecting computer code into Fortnite in order to cheat.

Epic Games’ allegations certainly appear to have held some truth seeing how the two parties were able to reach an agreement without engaging in a lengthy battle through the court system. Both Epic Games and Vraspir agreed on a permanent injunction involving Fortnite that prevents Vraspir from cheating in any way, shape, or form in the future. After being banned at least nine times during his cheating escapades and supposedly writing his own codes for the cheats, Vraspir can play Fortnite if he wishes, but any more cheating will result in him paying $5,000 to Epic Games when caught. The injunction can be seen here in full in a PDF format (via Torrent Freak).

The decision seems like a pretty agreeable one, especially considering the legal action would be coming from a massive video game studio. Epic Games’ proposition is also pretty generous with no mention of fines or fees outside of the injunction, a decision that even allows Vraspir to continue playing, this time without cheating.

But as for the second case that Epic Games is pursuing, the company responded to the mother of the 14-year-old player who was similarly accused of cheating. The alleged cheater uploaded a video response to the claims – one that didn't do much to help his case – and after the mother reached out to Epic Games in a letter that cited her issues with their claims, Epic Games responded. The mother took issue with Epic Games making the minor’s personal information public, but Epic Games pointed out that they weren’t aware of the defendant’s age and that it was actually the mother who revealed the son’s name and other information in her letter.


Epic Games’ full response to the mother can be read here, but the two parties don’t yet appear to have reached an agreement regarding the legal situation.

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