Fortnite Controller Vibrations Translated via Morse Code Reveal Tilted Towers SOS Signal


Yesterday, we reported on the growing evidence in Fortnite that Epic Games is planning to destroy Tilted Towers in the imminent future. Since then, more evidence has come forward.

A Reddit user by the name of vigilancefoetracer took to the forum and revealed that the game's recently added and mysterious controller vibrations reveal a Tilted Towers SOS signal when translated into Morse code.

Like all of us, vigilancefoetracer was perplexed by the sudden and annoying new controller vibrations that started plaguing the game earlier this week. However, while most of us wrote it off as the latest new bug, vigilancefoetracer looked at the patterns of vibrations. What the diligent Reddit user found next was two types of vibrations, a light one that happens very quickly, and a harder vibration that lasts a bit longer.

The following four patterns were discovered and recorded:

... --- ...



....- .---- ---..

According to vigilancefoetracer, the first pattern occurs during daytime, the second when it's night, the third when you're caught in the storm, and the fourth when you're jumping down from the Party Bus onto the map.

When combined and translated into Morse code, the patterns translates into the following message: SOS D 5 418

As you may know, SOS is common distress signal in Morse code that means save our souls. Tilted Towers comes into play, because D5 is actually the grid where it is located in. Lastly, 418 is a date: 4/01/2018, aka April 1st, aka tomorrow, aka April Fool's Day.


If there is truth in any or all of this evidence/speculation, it will likely come to fruition tomorrow on April Fool's Day. Or maybe nothing will happen tomorrow, and that is the joke. Or maybe something will happen tomorrow not related to any of this. Or maybe nothing will happen tomorrow, but Tilted Towers will get destroyed later in the month. Who knows. But there is enough evidence here that suggests Epic Games is up to something. The question is: what?

Fortnite is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and is in the process of coming to mobile devices.