'Fortnite' Leak Reveals A Very Weird Dumpling Cosmetic Set

Fortnite Season 7 continues to chug along with a wide variety of new content to enjoy, but this latest update is just like every other when it comes to leaks and the dataminers came out to play to find all of the delectable new cosmetic items making their way in game. The latest find? A really weird new set coming to the world of Battle Royale and it comes bearing ... dumplings?

Apparently this skin has been highly requested since December of last year, something akin to the Tomato Head and Hurrr Burger:

Can we get a Dumpling Skin just like the burger and tomato and chicken skins please! from r/FortNiteBR

Keep in mind though that the above Reddit post is fan-made. The only thing "official" we have is the weirdly textured mold in the original tweet above. His expression ... well, it's definitely something but maybe it's just in its early stages while Epic Games continues

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