Fortnite Crashing After Latest Update, EPIC Issues Statement

The latest Fortnite update went live earlier this morning but unfortunately, the popular Battle [...]

The latest Fortnite update went live earlier this morning but unfortunately, the popular Battle Royale game has run into a few hiccups. Shortly after the update went live, Android users were reporting massive issues regarding the game, and now it appears those server bumps are spreading across all platforms. Luckily, Epic Games is on the case and working hard towards an efficient fix.

The team took to their Twitter account recently to give players an update as to what is going on.

"We're aware of an increase in crashes in Battle Royale since the release of v5.21. We've identified the issue and are working towards a fix. We'll update you once we have more information," the tweet reads.

There is also a checklist available that shows which parts of the server are up and running, and what areas are negatively affected. At the time this article was written, everything was back to being "operational," though both Epic and players can attest otherwise.

  • Website and Forums Operational
  • Game Services Operational
  • Login Operational
  • Parties, Friends, and Messaging Operational
  • Voice Chat Operational
  • Matchmaking Operational
  • Stats and Leaderboards Operational
  • Store Operational

We don't know the specifics of the issues, other than users reporting not being able to log in, being stuck in the lobby, and other game-interfering glitches since the latest update went live.

Fortnite is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS, and select Android devices! Are you having any specific issues regarding the latest update for the game? Feel free to sound off with anything odd you've found in the game in the comment section below, so we can update this piece accurately from the mouths of players themselves.

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