'Fortnite' Creative Team Discusses Terrain Editors and Other Potential Features

Epic Games held an Ask Me Anything session recently to answer Fortnite players’ questions about [...]

Epic Games held an Ask Me Anything session recently to answer Fortnite players' questions about the game's Creative mode and laid out some of its plans for the mode's future. Players within the FortniteCreative subreddit pitched questions and ideas to the developers who responded to them in kind and said some features including Vending Machines and more are already planned to be added. Others like the ability to edit terrain and experience different weather effects are part of the developers' hopes but are large undertakings that might not be happening soon.

Fielding the questions from players within the post, developers from Epic Games answered some questions to start that had been asked ahead of the new influx of questions. One of the first few answers confirmed that Vending Machines will be added at some point, though Zip Lines aren't a planned feature for the Creative mode.

"Vending Yes!" said Fortnite's Creative development director. "Zip lines not likely they have a lot of specific gameplay and setup requirements that would be difficult to move over. We're focusing more on things like custom vending machine and other devices that can be used in multiple ways to make games."

The ability to edit terrain is also a feature that the development team would like to add, though Epic Games said it's "still figure out how we want to expose this for Creative."

"We've wanted Terrain tools since our first release, but it's a pretty large project," Fortnite's programming lead for the Creative mode said. "One of our goals is to provide tools that allow you guys to create worlds that are of the same quality that Epic creates. The way that Fortnite's terrain system works is actually pretty complicated, so we're still figuring out how we want to expose this for Creative."

Another feature that's been requested by Fortnite's Creative players is the ability to switch between items in players' Lockers while in a match. Epic Games answered a question about that to say the feature is one it really wants but admitted that it's a tricky one. The answer did propose an alternative though to see how players felt about a "quick select" feature.

"The reason it's a bit tricky is because the Locker interface needs some work before we'll be able to summon it in the middle of a Creative session," the programming lead said. "This is mainly for performance and memory reasons, but also because of how the game's menu system was originally designed. We're pondering about how we can do it. How would you guys feel about a different sort of interface, like an Outfit 'quick select' pop-up, initially?"

The full Fortnite AMA about the game's Creative mode can be read here.


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